Why SmartLabs

The promise of science to advance human health has never been greater. Vaccines are designed in days. Genes are sequenced in hours. Science is accelerating faster than ever, but labs still take years to deploy. New drug modalities require cutting-edge research, but you can’t outsource innovation.
Too often companies have to build labs that won’t be ready for years, have rigid infrastructures, require massive upfront capital and years of financial commitment.
Today’s science deserves a better lab. We got tired of waiting, so we created it.
SmartLabs is the lab of the future.

How We Put The Smart Into SmartLabs

Evolved Infrastructure and Construction for Today’s Science

Scientific advances require an evolution in infrastructure. Our labs’ proprietary construction technologies configure multifunctional, enterprise-quality research environments that are ready to use within weeks due to our Universal Lab FrameworkTM system. With our Labs as a Service approach, you can count on us to be your partner each step of the way.  

Our novel Universal Lab FrameworkTM system allows you to work in a private lab that is customized precisely to your research needs, and it has the flexibility to adapt and change as your science evolves.

From Discovery to Patients: Drug Development Under One Roof

With a SmartLab, you launch faster, minimize delays and increase efficiency, utilize only the resources you need, and receive expert support every step of the way.

Our SmartLabTM Product Suites include R&D labs, vivariums, process development suites, pilot scale manufacturing suites, and cleanrooms allowing you to bring a drug from discovery to patients - all under one roof.

Operational Support That Lets Your Scientists Be Scientists

Conceived by lab scientists, our program has one purpose: enabling your scientists to focus on their work and be as effective as possible.

How? We built the right technology and assembled the right people.
We bring together experts in GxP compliance, environmental health and safety, waste management, information technology, lab design, project management, lab operations, security, logistics, facilities management, and more. They take care of every task – large or small – so that you don’t have to. Now, your team can focus exclusively on research.

At SmartLabs, your scientists can be scientists.

SmartLabs OS

Our proprietary, cloud-based SmartLabs OS platform provides intuitive solutions to individual members and teams so organizations can manage lab operations and systems with the click of a button from anywhere at any time. Member companies can also access unique dashboards that yield valuable insights, deploy trainings, and provide a centralized view into the research. ​

SmartLabs OS also enables better quality service, proactively anticipating any member needs and predicting potential issues. We also provide enhanced and redundant security measures to ensure your data is safe.