SmartLabTM Product Suites 

Within 2-4 weeks, SmartLabs can rapidly deploy a SmartLabTM Product Suite which is custom-built to support the unique R&D needs of any workflow. Our staff works with your team to design, launch, and operate lab and office space tailored to your specific needs, so you can get the space you need, when you need it, without wasting any resources on unutilized capacities.


Innovation SuitesTM

Rapidly deployable enterprise-grade labs designed for small research teams. Our private suites are equipped with biology instrumentation and provide access to a shared instrumentation core. Each SmartLabTM can be customized to support your unique research and drug development needs.

Corporate R&D Suites

Multifunctional labs with flexible infrastructure that can be rapidly customized to meet the diverse needs of pharma and biotech, with the capacity to scale and support teams from ten to hundreds of people.

In Vivo Research Suites

We provide AAALAC accredited vivarium infrastructure and robust support from an expert and experienced staff. Our services include animal husbandry, cage management, oversight from our in-house IACUC, and review of small rodent studies from board-certified veterinarians.

Technical assistance in surgical techniques and imaging is also available.

Process Development Suites

Lab space that can be customized to support the critical activities of drug development required to develop analytical workflows for pre-clinical and clinical phase testing, as well as development and optimization of manufacturing methodology and QC/QA testing workflows.

Pilot Scale Manufacturing Suites

These suites offer customized, cGxP-compliant manufacturing environments that can be co-located alongside all of your critical process development and research functions, reducing barriers to advance therapeutic development. 

CleanSuites TM

CleanSuiteTM facilities are cGMP compliant, support a range of clinical manufacturing needs, and can be customized to your unique workflows. Our manufacturing environments are co-located alongside your critical process development and research functions and have the capacity to support small-batch manufacturing as well as processes requiring a capacity of up to 200 - 500 liters. 

Private Offices

SmartLabs offers highly customizable private office space with shared conference rooms, event halls, kitchens, wellness rooms, and showers. Access our high-speed broadband internet, onsite data centers, enterprise-grade data security measures, as well as reception services and office management support.