Tomorrow’s lab delivered today, with the support your scientists deserve.

So you can focus on changing the world.

SmartLabs is challenging the status quo by delivering flexible turnkey lab programs to support workflows at every stage of development. Our transformative solutions include enterprise-grade lab environments, expert guidance, and the daily operational support you need every step of the way.

Cell Therapies
Gene Therapies
Nucleic Acids 
Small Molecules
Viral & Gene Therapies
CAR-T Therapies
NK Cell Therapies
Macrophage-based Cell Therapies
Monoclonal Antibodies
Recombinant Proteins

Modern science demands a new vision for R&D environments

The emergence of new therapies, modalities, and technologies brings a set of complex opportunities and challenges to scientific research. You need a lab that is ready to adapt and respond to any type of science.

Enabling the future of science

Leverage our unique model – empower your research teams, retain control over your science, and develop your intellectual property while we provide the infrastructure and operational support essential for accelerating scientific breakthroughs.

Our labs and resources are designed to intelligently adapt as research evolves and are ready in weeks, not years or months. It’s a highly cost-effective approach that fast-tracks and de-risks your development efforts.

Does this sound like a revolutionary premise? It is. That’s the beauty of it. Because like our clients, we are in the business of innovation. 

Key Benefits

Rapid access

Your lab is ready in 2-4 weeks and customized to your specific scientific needs. That’s weeks, not years.

Unmatched adaptability

As your science evolves, make strategic pivots quickly and easily without relocating. Avoid unnecessary delays and make the most of every opportunity.

Capitally effective

De-risk your endeavors with lower upfront capital investment and operational costs, shorter commitments, and flexibility to pivot in new directions as needed.

Rigorously compliant

File submissions with confidence, as we meet the highest standards of safety, data management, and quality across all our sites and solutions.

The three pillars of our model

Our Managed Research Centers (MRCs) offer a hybrid approach engineered to accelerate your science. Our foundational capabilities are the building blocks for thousands of scientific applications.


Flexible, enterprise-grade labs that can rapidly adapt, and re-adapt as assets progress through the R&D journey. Supporting programs of all sizes, across multiple modalities, from early discovery to preclinical to manufacturing.


Scientist-centered operations relentlessly focused on accelerating and improving the efficiency of your R&D, offering concierge-like services encompassing environmental health and safety, lab design, waste management, onsite cafeteria, and IT services —all designed to deliver a best-in-class lab experience.


Leaders with deep, cross-functional expertise grounded in the experience of serving 120+ clients that represent the most cutting-edge science, including trailblazers in gene editing, mRNA, and advanced biologics.

How SmartLabs Compares

Our Managed Research Centers (MRC) offer a previously unavailable solution for enabling effective and successful R&D. Retain the benefits but address the challenges of traditional outsourcing and “do it yourself” (DIY) approaches.

Do it yourself

  • Large upfront capital investment
  • 4+ years to build & validate
  • Reliant on internal expertise
  • Can’t adjust to new modalities
  • Burden of sourcing services and managing operations
  • Static, single purpose lab

CRO & CDMO outsourcing

  • Medium upfront costs
  • Waitlist with up to 24 months to access
  • Loss of control over process and IP
  • Expertise limited to standard processes and traditional research modalities
  • All-inclusive license agreement with flexible commitments
  • Get started in 2-4 weeks
  • Control over process and IP
  • Expertise spans every stage of R&D across a range of modalities and complex scientific areas
  • Simplified operational execution and oversight
  • Reconfigurable space that adapts and scales as research changes

Client Success Stories

“I have been immensely impressed with the level of resourcing and flexibility of SmartLabs’ offering. The cost, time savings and control we have over our science is invaluable and provides a much-needed alternative to building, resourcing and running our own lab operations.”
Nate Dowden
COO of Entrada Therapeutics
“When you’re starting a company, you want to recruit scientists and begin research right away. SmartLabs took care of all of our operations and we were able to get data quickly with only one internal operations employee.”
Adam Friedman
President of Scorpion Therapeutics
“We were one year old and had great data we could take to potential investors and potential partners. For a hot company in this space, there is no substitute.”
Mark Hawryluk
Chief Business Officer of Gritstone
“This is a turnkey, self-managed operation in terms of the facility, that allows us to just focus on what we do best, which is the science.”
Dan Passeri
President & CEO of Cue Biopharma

Unleash your scientists’ potential with SmartLabs